The Town of Niagara Falls has announced that it is canceling all youth programs for the remainder of 2020. Are you worried about what your children will be doing this summer?

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This is sad news!  Niagara Falls has made the decision to keep its municipal pools closed, according to WKBW. The Town is also cancelling all its programs for youth, which includes activities such as arts and crafts, basketball and more. Niagara Falls' Mayor, Robert Restaino, attributes the decision to a lack of funding.  The Town, like other local municipalities, businesses and organizations, has suffered financially because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The programs will save several hundred thousand dollars. But, obviously are problem is much larger than that. So, we’ll be taking other steps to bridge that gap.” ~ Niagara Falls' Mayor, Robert Restaino, via WKBW

If you are a parent, who might be stressed out by this news, I understand how frustrating it is. I did a Google search for free summer camps and activities for kids in Niagara Falls and so many of them have cancelled for 2020 due to COVID-19. It's heartbreaking that kids may not have anything fun to do, that can potentially keep them out of trouble. Hopefully more options will open up as WNY is allowed to do more.

Below are two other youth organizations in Niagara Falls. Now, I can't guarantee that they are all accepting children or are even active right now, but it's a start! I would recommend calling them or checking their websites to get more information.

Niagara Falls Boys' & Girls' Club, Inc.
725 17th St, Niagara Falls, NY 14301
(716) 282-7181

Niagara Falls Family YMCA
1522 Main St, Niagara Falls, NY 14305
(716) 285-8491

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