Public Transportation in Buffalo, NY is PHENOMENAL compared to where I'm from...Rochester, NY.  Upon coming to Buffalo, without reliable transpo, I was forced to use the NFTA Service.  Reluctant is an understatement regarding having to use Public Transportation due to my experiences at HOME in Rochester.  The Drivers were ALWAYS nasty, unpleasant and it seemed like it was a contest to see how many potential riders the drivers could pass-up if you weren't hugging the bus stop pole ... the service was (not sure about the present in Rochester...WAS... TERRIBLE)

Enter NFTA.  My experiences with NFTA have been PHENOMENAL.  There have been isolated incidents with a few Jerk Drivers but overall, NFTA IS GREAT!  One thing Buffalo has that Rochester doesn't (aside from an Overall GREAT Service) is a Train, Rail Service, however you describe it, and Buffalo's Metro Rail Service is impeccable.

Congratulations are in order for NFTA following a NYS Budget decision t o give NFTA $9 Million Dollars to improve upon an already phenomenal service.


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