The NFL's regular season is about to begin and the fans in Buffalo, New York may be the most anxious of all. As the Buffalo Bills get ready to kickoff the season this Thursday in Los Angeles against the Rams, the rest of the NFL fan base seems to be just as excited for one particular player.

The Buffalo Bills seem to have gained a slew of new fans from around the nation and there are preseason projections and predictions that have the Buffalo Bills going deep in to the playoffs. But it's Buffalo Bills qb Josh Allen who seems to have won the heart of the fans from coast to coast.

In a recent survey/poll from the NFL on FOX, Josh Allen has surged to the top of the MVP forecast.

It is not a surprise to fans of the Buffalo Bills and when you watch the game this Thursday night, you will see hundreds of #17 Bills jerseys in the crowd in Los Angeles. As a matter of fact, there are expected to be so many fans in attendance from the Western New York area, Labatt has sent their popular beer to the stadium for Bills fans to enjoy during the game!

The preseason always seems to take forever and this year, we are more excited than ever for the regular season to start. The first home game is on Monday night, September 19th at Highmark Stadium!

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