If you search the internets, you can find a survey or list of just about everything. This makes sense because everyone has an opinion about something... and you know what they say about opinions?

Well, that's how most New Yorkers will feel about this new list compiled by Highland Titles, where they compare the New York accent to other accents from all over the world.

On their list of the Most and Least Attractive Accents, they surveyed people in the United States, asking about what they liked and disliked, what was considered sexy, and which ones are not so much.

We surveyed 1,000 Americans about their perceptions of different national and foreign accents to find out. For fun, we also used AI to reimagine what popular TV and film characters would sound like with different accents.
-Highland Titles

What Accent Is The Most Attractive In The World?

According to their survey results, Australians have the most the most attractive accents in the world. Followed closely by Scottish, Londoners, Irish, and French accents.

It's interesting that the best accents are either European or closely related to the British Commonwealth, and that makes the worst accents even more interesting.

New York Has The World's Worst Accent

According to this survey, the typical New York accent ranks as the least attractive in the world, followed by Boston, American Midwestern, Canadian, and the American Southern accent.

Clearly, there is an anti-North American bias to this survey, but it's truly interesting because the survey says it was completed by Americans.

Highland Titles
Highland Titles

The one bright side of this survey for New Yorkers is that at least we don't have the most annoying accent - that distinction belongs to those with a Boston accent, which is very well deserved for them.

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