Can we all agree that some things have been better since the pandemic began?  No question, the pandemic was horrible, but there are some things we hope don't go away.

One of those things is the ability to get alcohol delivered to your house from a restaurant.

When the pandemic began, people were obviously stuck at home and couldn't go out for a drink.  It stunk for people, but it was a huge blow to the restaurant business.  Many of them make a good amount of money on their bar.  So to take that away was costing them a lot.

Then New York State passed an executive order that allowed them to sell alcohol for pickup or delivery.  It's something that we weren't allowed to do at this time last year.  To order a margarita to go was unheard of.

That executive order was supposed to expire this weekend.  But according to WIVB, it has quietly been extended into April.  It was simply added to the rules on the State Liquor Authority portion of New York State’s website.

The New York State Restaurant Association has been calling for this to become a permanent fixture for a while.  Of course it would help them out if they could deliver even more products to people's homes.

And of course people want it.  Let's be honest, most of us can make a cocktail, but there's nothing like one that has been made from a professional bartender.  According to a study 86 percent of New Yorkers say they want alcohol takeout and delivery to be permanent.

The current executive order will continue until April 6th.


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