Believe it or not pets need weed too!

Since the rise of the recent opioid crisis in Western New York the state has limited and in some cases prevented vets prescribing certain meds to patients.

Dr. Susan Wylegala of Cheektowaga Veterinary Hospital says.

“We are either using other medications that may not be effective and maybe more costly for the client and we may have to give them higher dosage and more frequently,”

This is why New York State Assemblywoman Amy Paulin proposed a bill to legalize medical marijuana for pets. She even claims that animals can benefit from cannabis when it comes to chronic and debilitating illnesses. Although Dr. Wylegala said there is not enough research according to WKBW.

It was 2014 when New York first passed a law legalizing medical marijuana for humans. If this passes New York would be the first state to legalize weed for pets. wow



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