There are many marijuana smokers who could see their favorite cigar of choice be banned in New York State. While there are many different ways to consume legal adult-use marijuana, many smokers choose to empty the "guts" out of flavored cigars and fill the wrappers with weed to smoke blunts.

Government Study Shows Flavored Cigars Popular Among Teens
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Gov. Hochul Proses Flavored Tobacco Ban In New York State

Certain varieties of popular cigar brands like White Owl, Dutch Masters, and Swisher Sweets could disappear from store shelves under Governor Kathy Hochul's proposed ban.

As of May 2020, New York State banned the sale of flavored vapor products that do not have an FDA marketing order. Now, Gov. Hochul wants to expand the ban.

Government Study Shows Flavored Cigars Popular Among Teens
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In her 2023 State of the State book, Gov. Hochul details her plan to restrict tobacco further,

Solidifying New York’s leadership in ensuring a tobaccofree generation, Governor Hochul will introduce legislation to expand upon the State's ban on the sale of flavored vaping products by prohibiting the sale of all flavored tobacco products.

She also announced that she plans on raising the tax that the state collects per pack of cigarettes sold. It's all part of the Governor's efforts to reduce the amount of New Yorkers, especially young New Yorkers, who partake in the deadly habit.

Even if she does go through with the ban, there will still be options, as quite a few bans offer non-flavored cigars and wrappers. But for many blunt smokers, flavored wrappers are their preference.

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