Living in the Northeast is just a different animal. People have a different demeanor. The weather toughens you up and the way of life is a bit different than if you live in the southeast, midwest, or west coast.

I've lived in New York State my whole life, all of it in Western New York (Buffalo). Over the years, you learn what makes this state special...but also, what makes this state a giant pain in you know what.

Some of the things that annoy New Yorkers are no secret. My dad used to always tell me about the high taxes in New York and how it would be better to love down to Florida or something; which I know a lot of people have done (there are a lot of former New York residents in Florida).

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The older I got the more I have grown to understand why people are annoyed about certain things living here in New York.

Here are 10 things we don't like about living in New York State. What else should be added?

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