If you remember last week and even the week before that, much of New York State was in the middle of a moderate drought that saw little to no rainfall.

It’s been a different story this week, as rain showers and thunderstorms have swept through the state a handful of times since early Monday morning. It feels like most of the time it’s happened during the overnight or early morning hours.

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It’s also been very humid and that stretch of humid weather isn’t going anywhere for the next few days. That also means we continue to have the threat of thunderstorms; with the possibility of severe weather.

According to the National Weather Service, thunderstorms are possible across much of Western and Central New York today, with the threat of severe thunderstorms for most regions.

These are pop-up thunderstorms that have the ability to bring severity; heavy rain, damaging wings and hail. The silver lining is if a severe thunderstorm crosses the area, it won’t last very long. The bad news is that with the humid air they can pop up anytime.

The worst time to be caught in a severe thunderstorm is outside or even driving in your car. If you are driving while caught in a major thunderstorm, just be sure to take things slow.

Unfortunately, we will have the threat of more severe weather here for Sunday. Those storms have a more likely chance to bring severe weather. We will have to wait and see just how severe…

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