Let’s face it: no matter how much you love your spouse, your kids, or your pets, sometimes you can get into arguments with them. It doesn’t change the fact that you love them, and you would still choose them everyday. That’s just life – sometimes you just don’t see eye to eye.

And that’s okay. 

Turns out, a lot of Western New York couples and families tend to argue about the same thing. 

These are the 10 most common arguments in a Western New York household, and number 1 might shock you! 

10. Chores Are Not Done


attachment-image1 (2)

Ah yes...something my mom used to always get on me about.

9. House Temperature


attachment-image2 (1)

This is why I have a fan in the house.

8. Respect



Or I guess the lack of it.

7.  Putting Things Back Where They Belong



This is how Legos are stepped on.

6. Money


Spending habits can cause arguments for sure!

5. How Many Glasses They Use



I literally have one cup I reuse for coffee purposes only.

4. Bed Time


3. Amazon Packages



These top 3 were voted so highly that it was an extremely close call for the #1 pick. I thought Amazon packages would have taken the cake though...because yeah, we love them. A little too much sometimes.

2. Memory



For the amount of times I've forgotten something, you would think I'd have a planner by now.

And finally…the most common argument in Western New York homes is…

1. What's For Dinner?



It's hard to figure out what to eat when you're hungry because you feel like you can eat pretty much anything and everything.



And it seems like everyone agrees...



You know what surprised me?? Buffalo Bills football games didn’t make the top 10. It wasn’t even an honorable mention!

In my house, whenever I have friends over, it seems like we always end up debating someone or something on the Buffalo Bills or one of their recent games.

Or the infamous “wide right” comes up. 

But hey – maybe football never came up as an argument in the house because we all head out to Highmark Stadium to watch the games…even if they are away!

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