If you are a fan of the Buffalo Bills and want to get a rapid test for COVID-19, there is a new location that is going to be convenient for you to stop in to.

Rapid COVID Test Site In Orchard Park

While driving around Orchard Park this week, I noticed they were setting up a new rapid test site for COVID-19 that will be a rapid test location. The sign didn’t indicate exactly when this was going to be in place. However with a Buffalo Bills being on the road again this week, perhaps by the time they return home to play it will be ready to go.

Remember, when you attend a game at Highmark stadium to see the Buffalo Bills play you will need to show proof of a full vaccination against COVID-19. Simply getting a test will not allow you into the stadium. By Erie County and New York State requirement, you will need to have proof that you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

But, if you want a location that is directly across from where the Buffalo Bills play in Orchard Park, this spot is going to be perfect. It is also a convenient location for anyone who travels on Southwestern Boulevard.

It was just announced this week that in New York State there will be an opportunity for kids to get a vaccination as well. Governor Hochul says that if you get a vaccine for your kid between the ages of five and eleven, they may actually win a scholarship to a State University of New York college or university.

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