Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed on Monday cutting the penalty for public possession of a small amount of marijuana to amplify NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy.

Cuomo is now proposing 25 grams or less of pot in public is a violation, no worse than a parking ticket, however anything above is a misdemeanor. But don't get too excited. The new legislation wouldn't change the law on smoking pot in public, which would still be a misdemeanor, nor, obviously, does it open a path legalizing medical marijuana in the state, which Cuomo opposes. And it wouldn't end stop-and-frisk.

The new law is an attempt to address the racial disparities in how stop-and-frisk is applied. Tens of thousands of young, mostly black and Latino, men have been stopped by the police for unrelated reasons and, after being told to empty their pockets, found themselves charged with the crime of possessing pot.

Of course Fox's Bill O'Reilly had something to say on the matter:

I bet Bill still supports 5 year manditory sentencing for 5 grams of "crack" vs. 100 grams of cocaine which is primarily a "white persons drug".

Tell us what you think on the proposed new laws??

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