What could possibly be the reason there is currently NO NFTA METRO BUS SERVICE going to the New Walmart Store in Cheektowaga?

State Transit To Cut Buses In Route Optimization Plan
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According to The Buffalo News, the new Walmart Store is scheduled to open on April 6 and you would think there would be provisions in place for people with challenged transportation issues to get to the new store...not the case so far!

According to the Buffalo News, a former Walden Galleria Mall Employee and 17-year-old working mother, Cynthia Wiggins, was crushed by a dump truck and killed in 1995 after trying to cross seven lanes of traffic in order to get to work at the mall. Eventually Walden Galleria's Parent Company was forced to reassess their policy to prohibit public bus access to the store.

Now there's speculation of racism again, among some, aimed at the Walmart parent company, based on the slow response by them to NFTA's request (6 months ago) to provide direct bus service to the New Walmart.

NFTA is still waiting for a positive response from the company to provide this direct bus access to the new store and, according to the Buffalo News, Walmart is saying they will soon be talking with NFTA to indeed provide Metro Bus Service to the new store directly...however, according to the Buffalo News, that conversation has not yet taken place with the store scheduled to open in just weeks.  NFTA is still waiting to hear from Walmart.


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