According to WGRZ, GoBike Buffalo and the city of Lackawanna has worked together to install a 1.4-mile bike lane. The new bike lane will be the first of its kind in Western New York,

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The two parties will show the 1.4-mile bike lane on today, the lane will be on Ridge rd in Lackawanna according to WGRZ.

There is a temporary bike lane set up that will stretch from Fuhrmann Boulevard to South Park Avenue. Bike sales are up and many bikes are in short supply due to the pandemic. I have noticed myself, many private sales of used bikes on the rise in the Lackawanna area.

According to WRGZ, the local group and the city of Lackawanna will achieve connectivity between the Outer Harbor, Erie County Industrial Heritage Trail, South Park Avenue, and the city of Buffalo.

The area where the 1.4-mile bike lane is set up is an ideal place, in my opinion, the views and the ability to have access between the outer harbor and other places in that area makes it even more exciting to travel there.


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