Join me tonight at Buffalo Rocks the Harbor as we welcome the multi-cultural, diversly talent band Arrested Development.

 The group had wild success in the 90's but don't call it a come back! They have been around the world touring and performing NEW songs, including one that is currently Top 10 overseas. Check this out and more inside. 

I was reading a thread about the TV series "Arrested Development and found this comment from an original AD fan:

I was really into Arrested Development when they came out in the early 90's. Mr Wendel and Tennessee were good songs. They had a really nice sound and a good message. I also liked Digable Planets. They came out around the same time. Using jazzy progressions and instruments instead of all digital effects like so much other hip hop. I know nothing about the show on Fox except they ripped off the name from the band.

Never been to a AD concert before? Here is a preview of what you'll experience tonight.

The band has received such great response on their new single and is anticipating their upcoming full length project, “Standing At The Crossroads” dropping August 6th via their label Vagabond Records and Tapes.

“The groups legendary and their fans know what they stand for, we simply have to get the music out there so the fans know it exist! Once they hear it, they’re instantly energized!” – label rep. Mike Mullis says.