A plan for a new amphitheater at Buffalo's Outer Harbor has been approved. We love live music and outdoor concerts during our summers and fall here in Western New York and it looks like we'll have a new venue to host them. The City of Buffalo's Planning Board approved plans for the amphitheater yesterday, Monday, September 13, 2021. Terminal B warehouse, located at 901 Fuhrmann Blvd., will be an "Adaptive Reuse of Former Industrial Building" according to the minutes from the planning meeting. The area specified for the site is 208 acres. The amphitheater and a bike path are a continuation of the Buffalo Outer Harbor Access & Activation Civic Project. The plans are to make the space a place where live concerts and other performances can take place,

This project scope of work focuses on the former Terminal B warehouse and adjacent land. The envelope of Terminal B will be removed to create an open are structure, allowing continuous views to the water from the nearby paths and lawn. The steel structure sits on an existing elevated concrete slab that totals 100,000 sf. Stairs and ramps will be added at select locations along the perimeter to provide pedestrian access. At the north end, a small stage with an open air canopy will be added, facing the east.

In addition to revitalizing the Terminal B warehouse, the renovation will improve the drainage in the area, add green space and provide amazing views of Lake Erie with a crescent-shaped lawn. A path will also be added to the site, which will connect the current paths.

The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation was commissioned to improving Buffalo's waterfront areas for residents,

The open space within the Project Site already provides for several passive and active recreational opportunities and spaces for various activities, programs, and events. From walking to biking, yoga to kickball, festivals, movies, concerts, 5k/8k runs, and travelling programs, the vast acreage allows for multiple types of programming to occur. Under the GPP, the combination of improved water and land access, circulation, and landscaping would enhance and grow passive and active recreational activities.

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Credit: http://buffalony.iqm2.com
Credit: http://buffalony.iqm2.com

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