According to, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center joins Pastor Dwayne Jones, construction of the new Mount Aaron Villiage housing campus has begun.

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This has been in the works for a long time and now has finally come full circle. The affordable housing initiative will include 59 units and 18 of the apartments will be used for people who need supportive service to help with living independently, according to 

According to, Pastor Jones said,

You can't build a project like this on your own, it takes a collaboration of the whole community. When one building goes up, the whole community goes up. We will keep putting buildings up.

According to, Roswell Park has worked with Mount Aaron and Pastor Jones on several projects in Buffalo, a community center where kids can go after school to work on assignments and have a safe place to play and learn. The organization has also teamed up with Pastor Jones and other faith leaders to host job fairs.

In my opinion, it is always a great look to see people making a difference in our city. The Mount Aaron Village Housing Campus will play a significant role in helping people in our city that need help with assisted living.

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