As soon as we have a new African American role model emerge, the haters want to come and bring down our positive vibe!  Really the situation is nothing new, females hating on another chick's hair.

But now that there is suspicion of NBC mocking Gabby's success. People all over Facebook, including some of my FB friends are banding together calling the Olympic inspired commercial racist.

Watch it for yourself inside.

OMG! How dare they! WTF. Boycott NBC. Racist Pigs!

These are just some of the comments the video got from people assuming the network is somehow calling Gabby a monkey.

If you've seen the commercial in it's entirety, you know that this is a commercial for NBC's new TV Show "Animal Practice" where the Monkey is a Doctor.

YES - Placement of this commercial directly following Gabby's success story is ill-timed and wrong! Just goes to show how inconsiderate some of these programming folks can be. However, I personally don't think the producers of the commercial meant it to come off the way it has.

There are several Olympic inspired "Animal Practice" commercials showing a Golden Retriever swimming (that's what they are known to do), a turtle racing (from the turtle and the hare story) and of course the monkey swinging. (Ever wonder why they call our favorite playground toy the "Monkey Bars"?)

So we can't be so quick to judge this commercial and the network. Don't displace your energy and lower the vibration of love, pride and appreciation for young Gabby's accomplishments just because of an ill-placed ad! Let's focus on the POSITIVE!!

16 yr old Gabby Douglas is the first African American woman to win the individual gymnastic competition. Think of all the young girls who, for the first time are looking at Gymnastics as an alternative sport to compete in, rather than the traditional track & field sports.

By Gabby following her dream she also opened the eyes for smaller women who think that height determines what you can do. Even my intern Sade, who too stands at a petite 4’11ft is inspired by Gabby's win.

I choose to believe that the star of "Animal Practice" was also inspired to dream of being an Olympic Gold Medalist! Racism is simply in the eye of the beholder.