Words like historic, brutal, and potentially deadly are being used to describe today's arctic freeze. Temperatures haven't dipped this low in parts of the country for decades. 

Here are two links you can use to keep track of Local & National Weather Temperatures and LOCAL CLOSINGS!!!!

Here are some tips regarding HOW TO PREVENT FROST BITE:

>>Preventing Frostbite In Chilly Conditions 

Frostbite has serious consequences, so it's important to observe some basic safety precautions.  Experts say you should dress properly, with warm, layered, loose-fitting clothes.  Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes before or during exposure to cold weather.  The risk of frostbite increases with wet clothing or damp skin.  If your skin turns red, blue or white, or the skin becomes painful, get out of the cold and protect exposed body parts. 

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