The Harry Potter book series is one of the most popular and successful literature franchises out there. It's brought a decade's worth of movies, a Broadway show, an amusement park and much more.

But one Catholic school in Nashville, Tennessee is banning the book series.

According to WIVB, the books are banned because a reverend at the school says the series includes "both good and evil magic, as well as spells, which, if read by a human can conjure “evil spirits."

According to The Tennessean, an email from Rev. Dan Reehil, who is a pastor at Saint Edwards School Parish, explains to parents why the books are banned.

“The curses and spells used in the books are actual curses and spells; which when read by a human being risk conjuring evil spirits into the presence of the person reading the text."

The superintendent of the school Rebecca Hammel, says that Rev. Dan Reehil has the right to make the decision.

“Each pastor has canonical authority to make such decisions for his parish school,” Hammel said. “He’s well within his authority to act in that manner," says Hammel.

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