Nappy Roots member R. Prophet had a violent run-in with the cops on April 20 in Kentucky.

R. Prophet was arrested after refusing to obey orders from Kentucky State Police. TMZ reports that the Nappy Roots rhymer, whose real name is Kenneth Anthony, was waiting for a friend to pick him up roadside. Cops arrested R. Prophet's friend for a DUI before the rapper got his ride. He had an “aw naw, hell naw” moment and would not stay on the side of the road, which caused police to move in on him.

The Kentucky Police Department said the Nappy Roots member became relentless while refusing to obey orders and became “very aggressive and combative” with officers. The officers tased him and when he continued to fight back, they tased him several more times before they decided to arrest him. After they put him in the car, R. Prophet kicked the back window and the officers tased him again as well as used pepper spray on him.

He was booked on six counts for public intoxication, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, assault and menacing. The following day he was released on $5,000 bond.

Nappy Roots saw fame in 2002, with their Jazze Pha-assisted hit 'Awnaw.'

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