The summertime is here and so is the heat and humidity. The temperature is soaring to near 90 for most of this week, and the two points around 60%, it has felt rather tropical over the last few days. if you love to ride your bike around western New York to cool off in the afternoons or evenings, you may be interested in this group ride that is coming up this weekend and celebration of World Naked Bike Day.
According to a post on their website...

The Buffalo World Naked Bike Ride is a happening of people-powered transportation bringing awareness to oil addiction and the negative impacts of car culture. Our naked bodies will symbolize the vulnerability of cyclists on the roads. Come "as bare as you dare" to the Buffalo Underwear/Naked Bike Ride (and skate) and help us promote our vision of a cleaner, safer, body-positive world.

I have been cycling for a few years now and at one point was able to complete a few 100 mile rides over the summer. The most memorable was during the Ride For Roswell a few years ago. It really isn’t that bad if you train for it and I only got cramped in my legs after the 80th mile. I think, mostly, the issue was that I was not hydrated with the proper drinks like a Gatorade or fruit juice?
Buffalo and Western New York offer so many great locations to ride your bike. Not only on the many bike paths that we have, but there are plenty of back roads with some terrain to ride and get some mileage on South Buffalo.
The 100 mile ride for the Ride For Roswell Took us out toward Lake Ontario from Amhurst and back and it was a great ride with plenty of great scenery and for the most part, was flat. But we were prepared with the right bikes and the right outfits and gear. I can’t imagine trying to do that and just my skivvies LOL.

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