After being released from prison almost a year ago, the Tarantula is ready to get back on the scene. After serving six years on lock, Mystikal has been taking his time returning to the spotlight. Now, the New Orleans, Louisiana rapper will release his comeback mixtape in June or July, with a studio album to follow not long after that.

 “The mixtape. I’ve gotta do it one step at a time. The first step is to let ‘em know that I am home. I’ma drop this mixtape, I really didn’t drop anything when I first came home. I put a couple little singles out just to let ‘em know I’m here, but now, I’m finna drop the mixtape. Since I’ve been performing for a year and people know I’m home, I’ll get a big buzz with the mixtape and after that, the album. It’s been humbling, first of all, just to come home after six years. And when I left six years ago, the hands were in the air kind of left abruptly in a disarray. So to come home six years later and the hands still in the air, that’s pretty awesome. Mystikal is signed to Jive Records and unsure if his next album will be released on the label. Click below to check out the interview.

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