When traveling around Buffalo on the metro rail system, just like any city, you are sure to see some pretty interesting things and maybe even meet some pretty interesting people. If you lived in Buffalo for any length of time, you probably have road the metro rail system at some point in the past.

Why Do I Like Ridding The Metro Rail In Buffalo?

The first reason is the rapid rail train, not only is it convenient to be able to park my vehicle at one of the train stations and ride downtown but depending on the time of day that you ride, you will run into some of the craziest stuff. One afternoon at the Delevan College Station,

Credit: Google Street View
Credit: Google Street View

Three high school students had a live singing and breakdance battle with the cardboard on the floor and all. This was so crazy to me in a good way because it took me back to the 80s when that was something you would see in New York City all the time.

Another Great Reason For Ridding The Metro Rail.

Now, let's be honest most of us don't look for people to talk to when riding the bus, but the nicest older woman sat next to me and shared a really nice conversation that really put me in a great mood that day.

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My last really good reason for ridding the metro rail system is because of these gas prices in Buffalo, This makes ridding the bus even easier.

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