First let me start by saying Johnny aka Woods did not ask me to post this and probably isn't even aware that I did lol. But last week unfortunately his house was involved in a really bad fire and he lost everything. Although physically he is ok words cant express what him and his family has to be going through right now after this fire. I have known Woods for many years now, we actually for a time went to high school together also . He has always been a great caring person who is and was always willing to help others and thats why I ask for your help today in donating whatever  you can to help my brother and his family out. Woods has been a positive roll model in the last few years for his community and also an inspiration that LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT. While a lot of young men are out committing crimes and wasting time in life Woods love for fashion and heart to help his community started a clothing line that promotes Peace ! called #MMLV (More Money Less Violence). He took what he loved (Fashion) and created the most known and loved indie clothing line In NY State. And I am sure this fire has not stopped but at minimum stalled things for him. Woods is the type of person who who would literally give you the clothes off of his back and he could use all of our help during this bad time in life even if its just a prayer whatever you can do to help please do. Me personally I have been going through a struggle myself as I recently have been out of work on a "NON" paid leave due to major leg/knee surgery but I am going to definitely help out as much as I can because I know he would do the same if Needed.




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