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In my mind and heart there is a sense of fear that I haven't lived enough, I haven't traveled enough, and most importantly I haven't smiled enough. Trying to understand life and its series of complications can cause an individual to go insane. Sometimes we walk through life not being able to understand why we are here or what is keeping us going. The questions we ask ourselves derive from happiness, sadness, pain and sometimes death. Life has so many unexpected tragedies that we cannot control, but as the load gets heavier we keep on fighting. As the fight gets brutal we keep on crafting. And as we practice more we will keep on flourishing. Through the pain just know that there is still joy on the other side, and that's through all the good memories and laughter you've shared with people around you. The obstacles we face are to build us for what's to come. And while you are facing your own obstacles life is still going, and you have to find a way to stay the course and stay committed to the greatest proxies which is yourself.

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