Welcome to a new taste to your New Monday regimen, Motivational Mondays is something I feel that everyone needs a lift up on DrowsyMonday. You can read and look back throughout the week just to feel better about life and yourself. Ive Search far and wide for someone who i felt will be the next biggest motivational speaker / life guru below is just a quick intro to Mr. Motivation BG.

"Visualize the trials and Listen to the tribulations. Life can just be snatched in a second. Moments appreciated are moments defined by true determination. We won't understand the facts but we'll believe in the promises of tomorrow. It ain't easy going for what you want but it is great when you go after what is truly yours. You are the thought of mankind and the spirit of humanity. Don't live in a state of mind that can lead you to failure, but rather success. Educate your thoughts with the positivity of the world and let the negative thoughts of mankind create inner strength for a better tomorrow." Bangali D.

Forget taking on the weekdays after ready this intro I am ready to take on the world!

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