The tragedy of life is that an individual will believe in others before he or she believes in self and that family is what is called fear. Fear of the unknown is what can keep man standing in the same spot for years. Fear of the unknown is what keeps man stuck in a mediocre mindset where greatness is only for a moment. The tragedy begins when you have not identified what true happiness is to you or how can you one day obtain the level of fulfillment that you really want.

Greatness is not a place, but rather a feeling. We strive to be great, but not feel that feeling of being great out of fear. Family, only the beholder holds the forbidden truth, and that truth comes with both a prize and many consequences. Through any journey we must battle ourselves to gain the strength to weather the storm that is to come, and this all begins with setting a foundation. For so long I wanted to be great not knowing that the feeling of being being great is what mattered because if cherished well it could be everlasting.To wake up in the morning and thank God for a brighter day. To smile while going through heartache or a toe bump on the edge of the couch are all emotions that lead you to feeling great because you have traveled through a storm to get where you are at today.

Family the laws of the universe are in your favor but you must find a time to get to know you. Get to know the people that will propel you to the next level. Get to know the powers that were bestowed upon you. Do you want to feel this feeling that I am feeling as write this to you ? The feeling that you will keep reading because you believe all the answers that you once questioned can be answered. I have a little secret for you, I cannot give you the answers because no one can give you an answer to a feeling that can only be felt when time and effort has to be invested into just to acquire. The mindset of man was created to reach levels that may be questioned if seen by a feeble eye but I believe you can unlock any feeling only if you allow yourself to be vulnerable and learn.

Take the time out your busy Monday today and take a deep breathe. Now I would like for you to say this out loud, I am whole. I am perfect. I am strong. I can feel. I am great. Repeat this over and over until the words become believable. Be aware of your surroundings and know that you were great from the time you were born, now is the time to access it and immerse yourself in this feeling. Once the feeling is felt you'll have a world of opportunities.

Peace Kin.

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