EVERY MONDAY NEW MOTIVATION FROM THE ONE AND ONLY Bangali D. Something to keep your mind going

From what we fight mentally to what we intake physically what we must know is only we can have ultimate control of self. Control of self comes from a really dark place, a place that many have failed to conquer. At some point of your life you’ll have to fight the greatest enemy and that is yourself. When you are faced with your toxic self you’ll be scared to react because you’ll be afraid of the change that comes with such reaction. Family the old self, the toxic self, the negative being must be destroyed, obliterated before the new you can appear. Through the process of facing your old self and defeating it you must identify what might have kept the old you there or what was the purpose behind certain things.


The fear of losing the people that once hurt you because you don’t truly know what it is to be loved so you hold on to pain must go. The fear of being lost with no road map is a fear that we all endure at one point of our lives, but family if you took the time out to embrace the isolation that the universe has blessed you with you will come to find out that you were never lost. The “lost” that you may think is going on in your life is just another lesson that you should be taking notes on to propel you to the next test.


I’ll be the first to say that your mind is your greatest asset and can also be your downfall if the tool is not properly used. Cluttering your mind with negative energy, or words from people who really are not going anywhere in life will leave you stuck full of anxiety, depression, and loneliness. After you are through with reading this blog I want you to put the phone down and stop scrolling on whatever social media platform you are on. I want you to look around take a deep breather and embrace the life that you have while you create the life that you’ve always wanted.


Remember that the process was never meant to be loved. The process was meant to be trusted. Peace Kin.

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