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Swish is all you hear when that basketball lands in the net flawlessly. No matter what team you are rooting for you can't stop but wonder, "damn that player knew what he was doing" and swish there he goes again with that talent making poetry out of the game. But one thing I want you to understand is that the game in itself, is like your life. You are either the player or the ball. See the player gets on the court to perform day in and day out just showing you what talent looks like but no one sees when that player is at practice at 4 AM putting up a thousand shots before practice. Shots after shots the player is missing at practice but that he/she stays there until all you can here is SWISH, a perfect shot, a flawless shot, and an unbelievable shot. Now listen here family on this beautiful Monday I want you to know that you can either be the player or the ball. Either you are getting played or you're playing the game. The ball is a symbol of what you can do when those long hours of practice are put in day in and day out but the player is what defines the game. The player has to study the craft and beat at it until it is perfected. Tap into that side of you that will make you not only a better player but a role player someone who knows their position and plays it well. Understand that you are needed in what you are doing but that can only happen if you start practicing and taking your craft seriously. So to all fathers, mothers, students, engineers, lawyers, teachers, doctors, or entrepreneurs what do you?Do you want the ball that's being bounced around from one end of the court to the next or the player who puts in years of practice, not just to master the game but master self and the mind? The empire will not be built by mere talent. Rest if must but don't Quit Family.

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