Back with Another editon Of Motivational Mondays With Bangali D

Searching for our souls we started redefining the world. Embracing our thoughts and we started changing lives. Staying committed to the process and we started to elevate the only thing that ever mattered ..... CONSCIOUSNESS. Learning to love my pain I developed new issues, issues that made me sit at the table with billionaire mindset.

The mindset of the weak was never ours nor was it ever theirs but they embraced what it was like to win by focusing on work ethic which was all about spirituality, physicality, and love. HOV said in 4:44 "A man who can't take care of his family can't be rich." So please tell me what's your focus? What's your capability ? What's your mind looking like?

In search of OPULENCE I  had to fall to embrace the "we" factor of success. In search of LOVE I had to endure heartbreak to redefine who I was. I didn't fall nor did I break and through it all I stayed the course and paved the way. When times get hard remember the grind has to get a little harder but the mind has to get smarter and more efficient.

Start your week with the big picture in mind, and that's to win at every level of your life. Embrace the obstacles that will be coming your way and smile through any tribulation. Be a blessing to yourself and all those that ever loved you.

HOV inspired me so much I had to leave the family with this "A loss ain't a loss, they're just lessons."

Stay blessed Kin 🐘

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