I honestly can say I know a feel people that would use their child for such things lol. Kristina Gibson took it a little bit too hard when she went to the movies with her son on a Friday afternoon, and snuck in some alcohol using his sippy cup. Sis could’ve probably gotten away with it if she didn’t do too much and get drunk DRUNK.

She allegedly also took a nervous system depressant and got so drunk that she was “unable to walk, talk or care” for him. That’s how she got caught up because that’s when her son started crying which prompted the moviegoers to complain to an employee.

"Crazy Legs Conti-Zen And The Art Of Competitive Eating" At Tribeca Film Festival
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Sis was tripping she even told the cop “I will f***ing kill you” to a cop when he tried to zip her purse.

Kristina reportedly faced misdemeanor reckless conduct and public intoxication charges. She was released from the Cobb County jail where she was bailed out for $1,000.

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