Every year the Marist Poll releases the most annoying words of that year and for nine years in a row the same word comes out on top.

Top 5 Most Annoying Words For 2017

1. "Whatever" with 33%
2. "Fake News" with 23%
3. "No Offense, But" with 20%
4. "Literally" with 11%
5. "You Know What I Mean" with 10%

It is important to know that there are some differing opinions on these words based on people's age. According to Marist Poll,

"A plurality of U.S. residents 45 and older, 40%, believe “whatever” is the most annoying spoken word. In contrast, 28% of Americans under 45 years old say “no offense, but” is the most bothersome. A similar 26% of these residents consider “whatever” to be the most grating word or phrase used in casual conversation."

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