I think I'm a pretty tough guy but if I saw this big silver mass swimming towards me I might yell "shark" at the top of my lungs.

We must have some serious fishermen in the Hudson Valley. If we see the Orca cruising down the Hudson River I'll know why. I'd be calling Quint, Brody and Hooper to take on these massive fish.

I know people who don't even feel safe swimming in the Hudson River. Could you imagine eating a freshly caught fish from out of there? A lot of people do and love it but is it safe? The New York Sate Department of Environmental Conservation has some thoughts on it. Basically, it all depends on where you caught it in the Hudson Valley and what kind of fish you caught. Even if you don't feel comfortable eating it you can always grab a photo for the gram and release it.

Huge fish are found in the deep waters of the Hudson. Hudson Valley native, Zachary Hajecate caught this massive striped bass in the Hudson River last week. The fish was over 42" long and weighed about 33 lbs. Who knew that the Hudson River was actually a fishermen's dream. I didn't get to ask Zach what he kind of bait he used to snag that huge fish. My guess would be a small deer.

As big as these fish are they are probably far down the list of scary things you'd find swimming in the Hudson River.

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