Listen y'all better stop playing with your mom. I learned that lesson the hard way just like little dude with a dislocated jaw now.

Sources say the mother 35 year old Ann Perugia told her child to turn off the video game and take a know young boys ain't about to do anything that involve cleaning and giving up the game and that's when things get ugly.

The 10-year-old told police "he forgot to do as he was told"

The son claimed his mother followed him into the bathroom and the punched him dead in the face, after the punch the mother called his father to come pick him up, Why when the father Brian Butler arrived he said the boy was outside standing in the front yard with a bag of clothes and shoes. Man this is no way to treat your child over Fortnite.

But you know there are many sides to the a story Perugia reportedly told officers she had allowed her son to play Fortnite with his friends after school, but when she told him to get off the game and take a shower, he simply told her no and then shouted

"I hate you and you don’t do anything for me,"

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