Every Friday night get your fix starting at 10PM with ADRI.V The Go Getta inside The Go Getta Mix with her featured DJ.

This month featured DJ is DJ Heavyness.  DJ Heavyness is no stranger to The Go Getta Mix and is always ready to bring the Club to The Crib!

If you are a DJ or know a DJ and you want to #GetInTheMix The Go Getta Mix with ADRI.V make sure you do the following:

  • Follow 93.7 WBLK on All social Media sites
  • Have a Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page
  • Submit a 20 min sample mix to TheGoGettaMix@Gmail.com
  • Include your name, all social media names and photo in the email.

Submit all info and wait to hear back to see if you are considered for The Go Getta Mix
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