Last night while some spent their night watching the horrific "Sharknado 2", we went to see the "Lucy" Movie, a feast for the eyes, ears, AND mind! Peep the trailer and some of my most memorable moments inside!

If you like to watch the Discovery channel, TV series like "The Cosmos" and movies like "What the Bleep do we know" you will LOVE the Lucy Movie because in addition to lots of action and drama, it's also an in depth lesson on science, history, and biology. Not to mention, a lesson on human nature.

The Star of the film Scarlett Johansson, plays Lucy who goes from using 1 % of her brain capacity to 100% when she literally escaped death and becomes one with the Universe!!

Co-Star Morgan Freeman plays a Science professor who is the only one in the world you can help Lucy figure out what to do with her new found power.

And I can't forget to mention actor Amr Waked who plays Lucy's love interest / French Police captain Pierre Del Rio. He is so cute.

The way the Lucy Movie cuts back and forth between time and space, and the way the transitions cut from one thing to something completely different and yet somehow connected, is genius on the part of cinematographer Thierry Arbogast as well as Luc Besson (who happens to be the film's writer, director, AND editor!)

Here are some of my favorite lines in the movie:

"Time is the only true unit of measure, it gives proof to the existence of matter, without time, we don’t exist."


This intriguing speech she gives to the man after she stabs both his hands

"It's funny, I used to be so concerned with who I was and what I wanted to be, and now that I have access to the furthest reaches of my brain, I see things clearly and realize that what makes us "us" — it's primitive. They're all obstacles. Does that make any sense?
Like this pain you're experiencing. It's blocking you from understanding. All you know now is pain. That's all you know, pain."

So true. We humans use only 10% of our brain capacity and spend most of it worrying about other people's opinions, fear of failure, guilt, money, social status and all sorts of other junk that keep us from being, doing and creating what we are really capable of!

"I don't feel pain, fear, desire. It's like all things that make us human are fading away. It's like the less human I feel, all this knowledge about everything, quantum physics, applied mathematics, the infinite capacity of the cell's nucleus, they're all exploding inside my brain."

"All social systems we've put into place are a mere sketch: "one plus one equals two", that's all we've learned, but one plus one has never equaled two — there are in fact no numbers and no letters, we've codified our existence to bring it down to human size, to make it comprehensible, we've created a scale so we can forget its unfathomable scale."

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