The both of these artist perform at the VMA’s and right after decided not to go to the after parties but decided to go hit the studio and work. Miley Cyrus and Kanye West both decided instead of partying that they would hit the studio and supposedly to start working on the remix for Kanye’s single “Black Skinhead”. Miley Cyrus has shared she wants to feel black well I guess this is her opportunity.  This collaboration is supposed to appear on Kanye West EP due out this year!


Beyonce Bob
I Am Beyonce


So last week Beyoncé sat down with the kid president, you know the little boy who is 5 years old that does all the youtube videos. In one of his videos about World Humanitarian day 2013 he asked Beyoncé if she would do a video with him and a week later he sat down with Mrs. Knowles-Carter who is an Ambassador for World Humanitarian Day 2013 Check out the video below.

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