Our Forever First Lady Michelle Obama continues to exemplify greatness. Her activism has been nonstop since she has left the White House and today she was able to unveil just one of the many fruits of her labor.

In support of International Day of the Girl, during the TODAY Show, Michelle announced Global Girls Alliance, which is a new Obama Foundation initiative that aims to empower girls around the world through education, People.com reports.

“The stats show that when you educate a girl, you educate a

Michelle Obama Celebrates International Day Of The Girl On NBC's "Today"
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family, a community, a country,” Michelle said. “If we care about climate change, if we care about poverty, then we have to care about education.”

“We want to lift up the grassroots leaders in communities all over the world who are clearing away the hurdles that too many girls face,” Michelle added. “Because the evidence is clear: educating girls isn’t just good for the girls, it’s good for all of us.”

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