Buffalo Bills Fans can rest easy now that Western New York Billionaires have bought the team and assured it's residency stays here in Buffalo! With that worry out of the way, let's learn a little bit about the owners and shot callers of the undefeated Buffalo Bills.

Terry and Kim Pegula already own the Buffalo Sabres and now they will be the next owners of the Buffalo Bills. They will be just the second owners of the franchise that was founded by Ralph Wilson, who passed away in March.

The purchase agreement was for a cool $1.4 Billion!

Terry Pegula said in his own statement: “Kim and I are humbled and honoured that the Wilson family has chosen us to be the second owner of the Buffalo Bills. Pending the NFL approval process, being the next owner of the Buffalo Bills would be a great privilege for our family. Ralph Wilson left an indelible mark on our community and we will strive every day to honuor his legacy.

The sale is subject to being approved by a three-quarters majority of the NFL's other 31 owners, which is expected to come at league meetings on Oct. 8.


Most people are familiar with Terry Pegula, whose net worth is $3.3 BILLION as founder of East Resources, a natural gas drilling company.

Tim Graham of the Buffalo News has reported that Kim Pegula will be making executive decisions when it comes to the Bills, especially during Hockey season, when her husband will be wrapped up in Sabres business.

Kim's family is originally from Canada, but she grew up in Rochester, NY!

At a time when NBA owners are revealing their racist attitudes, it's awesome to know that our Buffalo Bill Co-Owner is a minority female!!! Hopefully she will renegotiate a deal to bring back the Buffalo Jills as well.

Score one for Boss Ladies all across the globe!!!

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