We want to recognize student athletes who represent their schools in a positive way! This week we celebrate, Jaquan Pugh, a student athlete who has sportsmanship, is willing to help their teammates, is dedicated, has pride in themselves and their school and maintains their grades!

  • Jaquan Pugh

    Cheektowaga Central

    Jaquan is a 12th grader at Cheektowaga Central, who plays football! "He's very determined!" Keep that determination going, you are the REAL MVP!

  • Tyrone McGill Jr.

    Lockport High School West

    Tyrone is a 9th grade student at Lockport HS West, who plays football. "Tyrone is an excellent student! He has the highest average in all his main classes and on the merit roll. He is a great son, friend, brother, cousin and uncle. He wants to play football in college, while studying to be an engineer. He's an all around great, responsible, and respectful 14 year old." You are the REAL MVP Tyrone!

  • Makai Horton

    Buffalo Science Charter School

    Makai is in 5th grade and plays football at Buffalo Science! "Makai is an MVP, and very special kid whom is being raised by a single parent. Whom work hard at keeping his grades up being respectful and being a team player. Makai loves helping others. He is a real MVP at 10 years old." Keep being amazing on the field and a great student!! You are the REAL MVP!!

  • Hannah Thomas

    JFK High School

    Hannah is a 12th grade student at JFK, who plays 5 sports - cross country, soccer, basketball, tennis and track! " This athlete is the MVP because she maintains a last recorded average of 104 is ranked Top 5 possibly number 1 but to soon to decide .She is Senior class President honor society member and has college credits starting from her junior year to now .She pushed the envelope by going to school leaders to let them let her play two fall sports and she did and was MVP and Captain .She plays a total of 5 sports and has won the Ace award and MVP and overall MVP and coaches awards for track and field and is also the Varisth Basketball captain and won ace award and coaches award for tennis .She was the early scholarship winner to Clarkson university and the Renslear gold medalist nominee and scholarship winner." Keep being amazing Hannah, you are the REAL MVP!!

  • Xavier Franklin

    Windermere Blvd Elementary

    Xavier is a 2nd grader, who plays football at Windermere in Amherst! "Xavier is a MVP because his heart and dedication at 7years old goes to school and then football. Xavier comes home from school does his homework without question and then gets ready for football. This is his second season playing and he is having a great time. Xavier is one of the captains for the Tiny Mite Clinton Lovejoy Lions football team as well as a member of the WNY Pop warner Bills football team. Xavier has excelled in both playing with the 5,6,7 year olds as well as 7,8,9 year olds. Whatever he does he sure gives it his best. Xavier maintains good grades in school and all his teachers say he is a pleasure in class and always willing to help."

  • Janae' McDaniels

    Amherst Middle School

    Janae' is a 7th grader at Amherst Middle, who participates in cheerleading. "Janae' is the MVP because she always strives to help others on and off the mat. Janae' has been cheering for about four years. She enjoys it! She cheers competitively also for school recreation. She has received an award for showing the character trait of the month, "empowering"-using self confidence to encourage others. Janae' maintains her sports as well as her 7th grade middle school education with a high honors, 94 average."

  • Jaiden D. Sweet

    Aloma D. Johnson

    Jaiden is a 2nd grade student who plays football! "Jaiden Sweet is in 2nd grade and maintains an honor roll average since Pre K. While maintaining his honor roll average Jaiden plays football for the Lions, and his position is 1st string running back. He scores touchdowns quite often. In addition, Jaiden is on the Black Belt Club in Tiwando. He is working on hisn1st degree Black Belt. In all his activities, Jaiden still maintains his honor roll average at Aloma D Johnson Charter school." You are the REAL MVP!!

  • Alisha Hess

    Cheektowaga Central

    Alisha is an 8th grade student who participates in dance! "Alisha is always easy going and is willing to jump in and help any way she possibly could." Congrats Alisha, you are the REAL MVP!!

  • Anthony Christian

    Windermere Boulvard School

    Anthony is a 4th grader at Windermere Boulvard School, who plays soccer, football, & basketball! "Anthony is an amazing athlete that is always showing great dedication, sportsmanship, and compassion for his activities and teammates. While off the field or court Anthony is a funny, smart, courageous, and respectful boy. While he excels in his academics and always eager to learn, math is his favorite subject. Throughout the school year Anthony is able to juggle his daily activities and also maintain a 90 or higher average. He works very hard and grows more and more everyday. Keep up the great work Anthony...........Your are the real MVP!!!!!" That's what I was going to say lol!! Keep being an amazing athlete and student Ant!!

  • Erik Rose Jr.

    King's Community Charter School

    Erik is a 3rd grader at King's, who plays football! "He went from having issues understanding his work to helping out others in his class with the work. To setting an example of what a leader is on the football. Worked hard since he first stepped on the football field." Keep being amazing in the classroom and on the field Erik! you are the REAL MVP!

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