We want to recognize student athletes who represent their schools in a positive way! This week we celebrate, Erik Rose Jr., a student athlete who has sportsmanship, is willing to help their teammates, is dedicated, has pride in themselves and their school and maintains their grades!

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  • Erik Rose Jr.

    King's Community Charter School

    Erik is a 3rd grader at King's, who plays football! "He went from having issues understanding his work to helping out others in his class with the work. To setting an example of what a leader is on the football. Worked hard since he first stepped on the football field." Keep being amazing in the classroom and on the field Erik! you are the REAL MVP!

  • Larry Hardy III

    Southside Elementary School

    Larry is a 4th grade student at Southside who participates in football, soccer and swimming! "Larry will be a 4th grader at Southside Elementary in Buffalo who participates in Football now for 5 years and was the MVP for year 2016-2017. He also plays Soccer and Swim, Larry likes to try different sport and puts his all into it. He is a good kid in school as well by staying on the Honor Roll and keeping perfect attendance, I know for sure Karry is the REAL MVP! Keep doing a good job."

  • Amaya Walker

    Cleveland Hill High School

    Amaya is a 10th grader at Cleveland Hill High in Cheektowaga, who participates in dance, cheerleading! "Amaya is a competition dancer for Center Stage Dance Studio in Cheektowaga. She has been dancing since she was 3 years old and competing for the past 6 years. In addition to dance, Amaya is also a varsity cheerleader for the Cleveland Hill Eagles. She is heading into her sophomore year at Cleve Hill and has maintained honor status her entire school career, even while juggling 12 hours of dance per week, cheer practice, and volunteering as a dance teaching assistant for children ages 2-8. Amaya is dedicated & hardworking, giving 100% to everything she does. She is a kind hearted person and caring person who genuinely enjoys helping anyone that she can." Keep being AMAZING Amaya! You are the real MVP!

  • Christopher Carter Jr.

    Harry F. Abate Elementary

    Christopher is in Pre-K and participates in gymnastics, soccer, baseball, and swimming! "Christopher is such a well rounded person. He is more than exemplary. His willingness and readiness always grabs the coaches attention. He's done everything but baseball for multiple years now. He's heginning wrestling in the fall. There isn't one sport, or one season, that a coach doesn't pull his parents aside to compliment him and acknowledge his skill. He's tall so people always thinks he's older than he is. When they find out his age they're even more astounded by his maturity, knowledge of and skill in the game. Everybody in our city knows "Little C." He's always our MVP."

  • James Miller

    St. Mary's High School

    James is a 12 grade student at St. Mary's in Buffalo, who plays football! "He's going to be the best in WNY!" We salute you James, you are the REAL MVP!!

  • Jaishaun Johnson

    Glendale Elementary School

    Jaishaun is a 3rd grader at Glendale in Amherst, who participates in football, basketball, and baseball! This little guy is already a triple threat! Jaishaun is a "hard-working individual that has drive to excel on the football field basketball court, as well as in the classroom. He does his best to make everyone around him smiles, because he loves to dance on the football field after making plays for his team. He works hard in the classroom to get good grades 80+ avg and strives for perfect attendance." That's why Jaishaun is the REAL MVP!

  • Kayla Hervey

    Cleveland Hill High School

    Kayla is a 9th grade student at Cleveland Hill who participates in gymnastics! "Kayla should be nominated for student athlete of the week because she is a dedicated and caring team player. Kayla has been on the Buffalo Turners gymnastics team since age 7 and has improved her skills greatly to compete as a level 6 state champion. Kayla takes pride in her sport and gives it her all. She is kind, courageous, and all around sweet person. She cheered on her fellow eagles as a Cleveland Hill cheerleader and is a senior Girl Scout. She takes pride in her education achieving honor roll every semester, being apart of the National Junior Honor Society, and finished her middle school year as one of the top Ten students! She has an artistic spirit and will have pieces of her art at the Albright Knox Museum this Fall. I believe the dedication and discipline she has learned in gymnastics continues to Keep being help her flourish in life and in the classroom." Keep doing your thang Kayla! You are the REAL MVP!

  • Austin Watkins

    Burgard Vocational High School

    Austin is about to start is senior year at Burgard! He is reppin' for the class of 2018! Austin plays football. "Austin has a 3.4 GPA and he is one of the best athletes in WNY. He just transferred to Burgard from Timon. He is a great student and athlete and he is a great person. He is a very mature and he is respectful and a very very hard worker. He deserved this Award and recognition because he is a leader and should be noticed!" Well put...Austin, that is why you are the REAL MVP!

  • Marquis Harris

    St. Andrews County Day School

    Marquis is a 3rd grade student who participates in Basketball, Football and Soccer! "Marquis AKA Q is the MVP due to his dedication on and off field or court. On field or court he is fearless, dedicated, hard working and a overall great athlete. Off field he is a amazing student maintains great grades 89 or higher while having late practices and having to get up early for school. He keeps pushing towards his school and sport goals!!!!!!" Keep up all your hard work Marquis, you are the REAL MVP!!

  • Dom Prince

    MST High School (Graduate, Calss of 2107)

    Dom graduated with the Class of 2017 from MST High! He participated in football, basketball, and baseball! "Dom is very intelligent and athletic. He kept his grades up all through High school and will be attending West Virginia University this fall." You are the REAL MVP Dom! Keep reppin' that 716 over there in WV!!