I know how stressful it can be working in the fast food industry, but I’ve never been this stressed! A McDonald’s employee in Bloomington, Indiana was charged with battery after throwing a cheeseburger at his co-worker.

According to Fox8 The 21-year-old male employee got upset that his 18-year-old female co-worker was working too slowly. They then got into an argument, and the man threw a cheeseburger at the woman, hitting her in the face.
She wasn’t injured nor was she in pain, but she called the police and decided to press charges against the young man.

When police officers arrived, they reportedly spoke with the manager who witnessed the argument. The manager confirmed that the employee was working too slowly and that other employees were just as upset about it.
The young man was escorted out of work, and told fox 59 he realized he shouldn’t have gotten so angry at the situation.

“It’s not something we would put anyone in jail for,” Kovach said.

It may seem outlandish, but incidents like these are quite common at the McDonald’s chain.
In March 2017, a woman was accused of hitting her mother with a cheeseburger outside an Indianapolis McDonald’s. According to Fox 59, the daughter fled the scene and the mother was found by police covered in ketchup, mustard, and pickles.

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