Uh-oh, Mariah Carey is in some hot water again after last night's 2013 BET Awards. Some are alleging that the legendary songstress lip-synced her performance of '#Beautiful' with Miguel.

However, before the show even began her husband Nick Cannon spoke to E! News saying, "My wife is a perfectionist and clearly because she's done it right all her life. So she actually puts a lot of work into these performances. There's no management helping make decisions. Everything you see is all her, whether it's a collaboration when the lights hit, how she enters, she's doing all of that."

Very interesting that Nick Cannon made sure to say her performance was "all her," before the darn thing even aired. We re-watched the video of last night's performance and it does look a bit like she was singing over a pre-recorded track. It also appeared that Miguel was lip-syncing as well, so we can only assume that he was following direction from Mimi seeing as he sang live during his solo performance later in the evening.

This isn't the first time Mariah has been accused of lip-syncing. There was some talk that Mimi had sang over a backing track when she performed at the 'American Idol' finale, though her reps vehemently denied that.

Maybe we should give her a break. It seems as though she pulled a Beyonce and pre-recorded her vocals so her performance would be perfect. A perfectionist (as Nick Cannon alleges) would hate nothing more than to sound bad on national television. Remember her 'GMA' performance?

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