Tettus Jermaine Davis is the latest entry into the BIG DUMMY FILES. He was facing a 1-year sentence for possession of weed, but while in jail, the genius made several calls to friends in which he bragged about being a drug dealer. Because of his own confession, he was convicted and sentenced to 75 years in prison. Who is this stupid ?

This is a direct result of being able to get away with something so long you just become complacent and end up getting caught. This lesson can be applied to so many different things in life. Tettus got comfortable with being able to get away with selling drugs and became to confident and told on himself. Learn from this BIG DUMMY if your doing the wrong thing don't get so confident in it, to think that you will not get caught. Some one should do a study on this most of the people that are in jail are probably a result of becoming complacent in whatever they were doing.

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