Only in Florida! A man tried to pawn a baby, but says it was all a big misunderstanding!

Courtesy of Sarasota Police Dept. Via WIVB

A Sarasota, Florida man tried to pawn his baby, but supposedly it was a prank-gone-wrong! Police launched a manhunt after the man went to AF Pawn Shop to try to pawn the baby, according to WIVB. The pawn shop owner, Richard Jordan, called police. The man Brian Slocum, realized later that he was a wanted man. Police surrounded his home after he called to "explain" what had happened. He says that it was all a "prank!" He had started making funny videos on Snapchat and this was his latest attempt at comedy, apparently. Police are not going to charge him, even though he wasted resources. "This is not funny! This is not funny, this is serious business,” said Jordan.

"There's nothing in the world I would trade for my son, he's my world. Nor any money is worth him. It was a prank, it was skit and a lot of these young people don't realize that doing things like this has a consequence.”

~ Slocum

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