The company you keep can make or break you. NFL star Odell Beckham Jr is learning this now more than ever as he is being sued by a former friend for $15 million for being assaulted in his home despite the fact that Odell wasn’t involved in the actual fight.

According to TMZ, a man by the name of Ishmael Temple is suing Odell for getting assaulted in Odell’s home back in January. Ishmael reportedly claims he was punched in the back of the head and stomped on by Odell’s security guard and another man.

Ishmael says he blacked out during the assault but when he regained consciousness his two front teeth were chipped, his lip was busted and his earring was ripped out of his ear. Odell and his legal team however paint a different story of what happened. In a statement, they said:

“Mr. Temple arrived at the party drunk, belligerent and made threats to several attendees … at which point he was repeatedly asked to leave. They claim he was repeatedly asked to leave, and got into a fight — but NOT with Odell — and was then escorted off the premises.”

"This guy claims somebody assaulted him to near death, but there’s no police report, no hospital record, no evidence of an actual injury, and he asserts that Odell is responsible. This is clearly a frivolous lawsuit. We’ll see him in court.”

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