Two University of Texas college students were in a drive thru when they had a an accident. They both stopped to exchange insurance information. One of the accident victims punched one of the student, and then grabbed a gun and start shooting as the UT students drove away fearing for their life. The police found him the next day arrested him and confiscated his gun.

When analyzing the video the shooter is an absolute idiot for shooting at this car over a car ACCIDENT. When you begin to think about it, he is not the only stupid person on the scene. Instead of this camera man running for shelter because some one is shooting, he decides to stand by and get footage.

Ever since the beginning of time there is an unwritten rule when some one is shooting you get low and get away. Parents aren't teaching these kids anything now a days. This is a message to all you amateur CNN/World Star Hip Hop reporters. One day one of you are getting to get seriously hurt or killed.