Louis Vickers is a real piece of work. The 27-year-old from Lee County, Florida, is jailed on charges of aggravated battery for punching his 21-year-old pregnant ex-girlfriend in the stomach after she refused to abort the baby.

The victim told deputies that the two argued at a local restaurant that they both worked at. According to deputies, Vickers told the victim to abort the unborn child and when she refused, he punched her in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her. He then punched her two additional times, deputies said.

After the third punch, the victim told deputies that she walked to the back of the restaurant to get away from Vickers. According to the arrest report, it wasn't until she went to the restroom that she noticed blood coming from her vaginal area. She was treated at Lehigh Regional Medical Center on March 18, but Vickers was not arrested until March 21. It was determined that the child did not suffer any trauma from the blows. The victim said the two lived together for several months as a family.

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