This is insanely sad.

A man posing for a photo in front of a moving train in Oregon on Saturday was struck and killed by another train that he didn’t notice heading in the other direction, police say.

The man was traveling on a Tacoma-to-Portland road trip with a woman when they stopped at train tracks along the Kalama River to smoke and take pictures, police told The Oregonian.

When a northbound train passed the area, the man “walked out between the northbound and southbound set of train tracks to pose for pictures as the train passed by him,” Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Chief Criminal Deputy Charlie Rosenzweig said.

The two didn’t realize another Amtrak train was approaching in the southbound tracks and the man was struck and killed while posing for a photo, Rosenzweig added.

The man – whose identity is being withheld until his family is notified – died at the scene while the woman was unharmed, The Oregonian reports.

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